Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Malaysia, I'm Coming Home :D

It's been a week since my final exam had over.
The results had come out too.
It's not too good, not to be praised.
I still have to improve a lot and hopefully I will make it through when I'm in the third year.
Anyway Alhamdulillah, I passed all the subjects in this semester.

I'll be going back to Malaysia tomorrow.
Mixed of feelings. I'm excited but at the same time I feel inferior with others that will continue their study in the summer semester.
Going back for 3 months is totally out of my plan.
My parent suddenly asked me to change my plan. 
I'm not really sure what is the agenda behind this but I believe that Allah's planning is the best.

I feel like I'm still dreaming right now even though my things are already being packed.
Hopefully all is well.
And may Allah ease my journey for tomorrow :) 

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