Monday, 17 August 2015

The Past

Sorry for my-almost-a-year-disappearance. Heh (ada ke yang jadi reader tetap lol)

Okay, back to the tittle.
Semua orang dalam dunia ni, bila dah grown-up, sure akan ada past.
The different is the bad and the good.
Ada orang yang memang tak perlu risau sebab life dia so smooth, dari kecik sampailah besar.
And no one akan point out how her/his past.
Or maybe jugak ada yang have bad past, tapi nobody really cares or surrounding yg cool and macho tak suka nak point out benda yang dah lepas.
But I have a different one. 
The bad past, the bad surrounding and the bad mouth. 
Sure ada jugak yang the same with me, right?

I know, I'm not a really good person. 
But come on, people can change, sebab yang pegang hati kita2 ni is Allah. 
Maybe ada orang akan cakap, "cakap nak berubah tapi sekarang pun sama je."
And yang bercakap tu bukan yang pernah kenal dari masa past sampai sekarang pun. Heh!

Berubah tu perlukan masa dan peringkat, bukannya secara all for once.
Bila someone nak berubah, dia perlukan courage, bukan the bad mouth.
And I need that courage, the support. I don't need any judgement and bad talks.
Because you have no rights untuk talk bad about others.

For whom yang cuba buka my aib, I'm doing fine regardless of how inappropriate your words are.

For those yang ada bad past, don't feel bad about it, there's still time to change for the better.

Look forward with no regret as the past is just a lesson.

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